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About myself, and hiring Cory Jorgenson

If you want professional flooring installations, you've come to the right place!

Hi, my name is Cory, and I have been installing flooring products for a lot of years in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. In that time, I have gained much experience in installations and customer relations.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for me, and I have achieved this by installing floors the right way all the time. I am committed to excellence, and my specialty is professional quality workmanship.

For years, I have worked with a few great installers as a team, with a large flooring company based in Winnipeg. For the past 15-plus years I have been in business for myself, and take great pride in installing flooring products.

I offer both residential and commercial installation services.

Expect amazing results.

Installation Services

Installation Services

Professional residental and commercial installation services are available for solid hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, luxury vinyl plank, laminate, cork, and bamboo flooring products.

  • Removal of old floor coverings (carpet, vinyl, subfloor, ceramics, etc).
  • Removal of existing baseboards and reinstallation.
  • Furniture and appliance moving and resetting.
  • Floor preparation.
  • Installation of hardwoods, finished wood and vinyl products for floors, and stairs including stringers.
  • New baseboard installation.
  • Flooring repairs and/or board replacements.
  • Clean up, garbage and waste disposal.
Free Estimates

I offer free estimates for your flooring installation, that will include an accurate measurement of the areas to be covered. A comprehensive installation plan and a time-line that I will discuss with the customer for the best-desired look, and consider any transition areas where the flooring might join with carpets or tiles. Review any other services that may be required.

CJ Professional Flooring Installation Contractor Winnipeg
Areas Serviced
  • Winnipeg,
  • Lake of the Woods,
  • Kenora,
  • Falcon Lake,
  • West Hawk Lake,
  • Gimli,
  • The Interlake,
  • and surrounding areas.
  • Willing to travel to meet your needs.

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The World of Hardwoods

Trends come and go, but the one that stands the test of time is hardwood flooring. Hardwoods and other flooring options are an investment in your home or cottage, and the timeless beauty of wood is used in modern and traditional designs. Home decorators and interior designers will be the first to tell you that hardwood flooring offers ageless elegance and classic style to any living area.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular design elements in residential design projects. The new styles and materials available offer homeowners the ability to completely redefine a room, with just one element.

If installed and maintained properly, you will enjoy all of its warmth and natural beauty for many years to come.